Ever wonder what happens to your NIH grant when it gets to study section? Why do some grants succeed while others fail? Check out this video from The Center for Scientific Review to get an insider's view of what happens in an NIH study section.

UPDATED: 6/16/10 - New video now available - "NIH Tips for Applicants"

From the Web site description: "The Center for Scientific Review has produced a video of a mock study section meeting to provide an inside look at how NIH grant applications are reviewed for scientific and technical merit. The video shows how outside experts assess applications and how review meetings are conducted to ensure fairness. The video also includes information on what applicants can do to improve the chances their applications will receive a positive review. To make the video both authentic and authoritative, real reviewers volunteered to review real but altered and disguised applications. NIH staff members also volunteered to participate in this video, which was developed in collaboration with the NIH Office of Extramural Research."

View the site and video "Inside the NIH Grant Review Process"