Check out these selected resources to learn more about the responsible practices, institutional guidelines, and policies that are fundamental for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Using a Federal Stick to Enhance Lab Safety is an article in Science Careers that discusses the potential of several highly publicized events and government intervention to improve lab safety.

Safety Survey Reveals Lab Risks is an article from Nature that presents results from the first international survey of researchers’ workplace attitudes and practices towards safety.

CHOP Research Safety Training includes descriptions of training programs (i.e., Lab Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Proper Transport of Infectious and Biological Substances) and schedules. Individuals working in the research environment are required to complete safety training as determined by their role in research.

CHOP Research Institute Shipping Core is a “fee for service” core facility that is available for shipment of hazardous substances for all Research Institute faculty and staff.

CHOP Research Institute Shipping Training and Resources includes information on training requirements, packaging and labeling, permits, MTAs, and internal and external resources.

Empowered Students Drive Lab Safety is an article from Science Careers that provides an overview of the Joint Safety Team initiative at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Clickhere for more information on the CHOP Responsible Conduct of Research Program and Training Requirement.