The best and most popular stories of the year, as chosen by readers and editors

From the article: "2014 was a mixed year for careers in the sciences. Federal spending on research stayed flat or worse, at least in the United States, forcing paylines down, likely to record lows. The economy was better though, allowing some private philanthropies to take up some of the slack. And that improving economy led to somewhat better job prospects for scientists in industry but not so much as to change the complexion of hiring overall: It remained an employer’s market, with many job-seekers taking what they could get and being happy to have it.

While the job market for Ph.D.-level scientists continued to be poor, recognition of the problem reached a new high, with an influential paper out in April, a meeting organized by Boston-area postdocs in October, and an important new report from the National Academies in December. Policymakers still can’t agree on how (or whether) to address it, but widespread recognition of young scientists’ plight is welcome progress.

At Science Careers, we kept doing what we’re best at: covering career-related news, talking to scientists young and old (and in-between), telling their stories, and passing along their best advice about how to manage a career in science. Here are some of the best stories we published this year, as determined by editors and readers.”

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