SciPhD is providing a seven-part webinar series bringing students through the SciPhD process of preparing for industry careers. The webinars are 20 minute presentations followed by 10 to 15 minute Q&A sessions.

All the webinars from previous weeks are available at Click on the WEBINARS link at the top of the home page. There students can register for the upcoming free webinar as well as gain access to the video archive. Below is the information on the upcoming webinar on "Preparing for Interviews." The titles of the seven webinars are:

  1. Where are the jobs?
  2. What are the REAL job requirements?
  3. Am I qualified for this job?
  4. How do I build my brand?
  5. How do I convince my future employer I'm best for that job?
  6. Preparing for Interviews
  7. My first 90 days

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