Business cards are an essential part of networking. They will help you to promote yourself among potential employers and to enhance your professional image. Don't go to a research conference without one! Learn how to order a business card here.

Order a CHOP Business Card

The process for ordering CHOP-branded business cards has recently changed. The vendor for CHOP is Standard Register, and orders are placed through SMARTWorks. For instructions and contact information, visit the CHOP Supply Chain intranet site (you must use a CHOP-networked computer to access this site). Business cards must be ordered using a grant number - other mechanisms of payment are not accepted. Note: The OPA has noticed some issues with the ordering process that are not reflected in the instructions. If you have not ordered from Standard Register in the past, you will need to contact them directly to get a username and password. If your Department and/or Division is not listed in the drop down menu of their online ordering form, you will need to contact them directly to get it added. Include the CHOP customer account number (4752600) in all of your communications.

Order a Business Card from an Online Vendor

Business cards do not have to be fancy. A simple card with your name, title, department/ division, institution name, mobile number, and E-mail address will be sufficient. You can order these from a variety of Web sites for very little cost using a credit or debit card - just do a quick Web search!