PennKey applications are now being processed by the Office of Responsible Research Training. This function, previously administered by the CHOP Human Resources Department, has been improved to allow for faster turn around times and more efficient retrieval of PennKey setup codes.

What is a PennKey?

PennKeys are required to access a number of services through the University of Pennsylvania, including access to KnowledegeLink, FEDS, Penn Directory, Cell Center, Core Facilities, OASIS, AirPennNet, and resources including electronic journals, PennERA, HS-ERA, and ARIES.

Am I eligible for a PennKey?

There are two types of affiliations granted to CHOP PennKey holders that dictate their level of access. Your eligibility is dependent on your engagement in "scholarly research."

Where do I apply for a PennKey?

The Pennkey Request Form can be found on the Office of Responsible Research Training intranet site.

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Apply for a PennKey