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The Research Trainee Career Support Center provides you with articles and resources that will assist you as you contemplate your move into a non-trainee, professional career track.

CHOP research trainees may also enroll in the UPenn Biomedical Postdoctoral Program (BPP), a premiere professional/career support program for UPenn/CHOP fellows.

Visit the BPP Enrollment intranet page for details. *Requires Active Directory Log-In*

Articles of Interest

Considering a career in academic research, teaching, or industry? Check out this publication from The American Society for Cell Biology giving practical advice for those seeking jobs in life sciences research and teaching.

Planning on going on the academic job market this year? In this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Julie M. Vick (from Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania) and Jennifer S. Furlong (at Columbia University's Center for Career Education) give tips and strategies for the academic job hunt during tough times

Science Careers' The Informed Job Search provides immensely useful insight into how today's scientists can perfect the job hunt. If you're a late stage research trainee looking to break into the job market, this resource contains some very vaulable tips and tricks.

Science Career's Careers Away From the Bench provides a wealth of information for those considering opportunities away from bench research. If you've been considering a career in technology transfer, patent law, policy-making, consulting or other fields, this resources is a must-see.