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The Research Trainee Career Support Center provides you with articles and resources that will assist you as you contemplate your move into a non-trainee, professional career track.

CHOP research trainees may also enroll in the UPenn Biomedical Postdoctoral Program (BPP), a premiere professional/career support program for UPenn/CHOP fellows.

Visit the BPP Enrollment intranet page for details. *Requires Active Directory Log-In*

Articles of Interest

Postdoctoral fellowships offer opportunities to develop independence, focus research interests, hone academic and transferable skills, and explore career pathways. Because postdoctoral positions are generally-short term, typically 2-5 years, it is important that you develop a training plan early on in your fellowship.

To help you stay on track, the Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs (ATOP) has developed a Postdoc Timeline. This resource is a suggested framework by which to incorporate Research Training and Productivity, Professional Development, Career Exploration, and Community Building and Networking into your training. Also included is a list of services and programs offered by ATOP. Use these tools to help you achieve your professional and career goals. To download them as a PDF, click here!

If you have any questions relating to this resource, please contact Sara Rego (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Effective July 1, 2018, the Offices of Postdoctoral Affairs and Responsible Research Training were integrated and renamed the Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs.

Handshake is Penn’s one-stop online clearinghouse for relevant career programming, career fairs, and internship/job opportunities from over 125,000 employers hiring across career fields. CHOP Postdocs have access via Penn Career Services.

The deadline to apply has been extended to December 4, 2017. Successful candidates will begin the program in January 2018.