May Featured CHOP Postdoc

The May Featured CHOP Postdoc is Nathan Roy, PhD. Nathan is originally from "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire, and he received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Vermont. Currently, Nathan works under the mentorships of Janis Burkhardt, PhD.

At CHOP, Nathan has been working to understand how immune cells migrate throughout the body. This process is of utmost importance, especially during diseases, such as cancer, where migration of immune cells to the tumor can help slow down tumor growth and even eliminate the tumor all together. This is most clear during hematopoietic bone marrow transplants, where the donor T cells often eliminate the tumor in the patient. Unfortunately, these T cells can also migrate into healthy tissue and cause a serious inflammatory condition called graft-versus-host disease. By studying the basic molecular mechanisms of immune cell migration, we hope to uncover new signaling pathways that may one day be used to therapeutically modulate immune cell migration to maximize the anti-tumor function of these cells while eliminating the detrimental graft-versus-host disease. Nathan aspires to have his own lab one day at an academic institution.

Instead of having one accomplishment, Nathan explained, "For me, the best part about being here is getting to meet all the amazing people, both CHOP employees as well as the top-notch invited speakers."

To relax and relieve stress, Nathan enjoys going somewhere with snow! The last book he read was Dying of the Light by George R. R. Martin. Nathan's favorite song right now is Lady Labyrinth by Ludovico Einaudi and his favorite TV show is Jeopardy. If there was any place in the world he could go, Nathan would travel to Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

When asked why Nathan would like to connect or collaborate with other CHOP postdocs, he replied:

"I would like all postdocs to be advocates for science, both in and out of the lab."