The October Featured CHOP Research Trainee is Abolfazl Doostparast, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow.

Recently, Abolfazl's research identifying a gene that acts as a master regulator of schizophrenia during early human brain development was published! To learn more about this incredible discovery, click HERE.  

CHOP Research Trainee: Postdoctoral Fellow

Institution where I received my undergraduate degree: Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Institution where I am receiving/received my graduate degree: Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran

Degree(s) Pursuing/Degree(s) Received: PhD

Area of study/concentration: Computational Systems Biology

CHOP department or lab: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Primary research mentor or lab supervisor: Kai Wang, PhD

My research interests include: Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Neurological Disorders

Current research project description: I am currently developing a novel proteogeomic data analysis method to decode the transcriptional circuitry of schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.

Biggest accomplishment in my life: I have identified four novel genes which act as transcriptional master regulators in schizophrenia.

Career aspiration: To set up a Systems Biology lab and pursue my research goals as an independent PI in search of promoting precision medicine.

I pursued this academic/career journey because: Well, I just love it.

Originally, I am from: Iran

Favorite TV show: Car shows such as The Grand Tour and socio-political shows such as Hard Talk by BBC

Last book I read: An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

Favorite song: Smooth Criminal

To relieve stress, I will: Hike, bike, and travel

Dream travel destination: Home