August Featured CHOP Postdoc


The August Featured CHOP Postdoc is Carolyn M. Yrigollen, PhD. Carolyn is originally from Madera, California, and she received her PhD from the University of California, Davis. Currently, Carolyn works under the mentorship of Beverly Davidson, PhD.

September Featured CHOP Postdoc



The September Featured CHOP Postdoc is Annabel Torres, PhD. Annabel is originally from Trenton, New Jersey and she received her PhD from Thomas Jefferson University. Currently, Annabel works under the mentorship of Andrew D. Wells, PhD.

October Featured CHOP Postdoc

The October Featured CHOP Postdoc is Aiko Otsubo, PhD. Aiko is originally from Nara, Japan, and she received her PhD from Purdue University. Currently, Aiko works under the mentorship of Kosuke Izumi, MD, PhD.

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December Featured CHOP Postdoc

The December Featured CHOP Postdoc is Heather L. Bennett, PhD. Heather is originally from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and she received her PhD from Brown University. Currently, Heather works under the mentorship of Robert G. Kalb, M.D.