February Featured CHOP Postdoc


The February Featured CHOP Postdoc is Francis Ayombil, PhD. Francis is originally from Ghana, West Africa, but received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Vermont. Currently, Francis works under the mentorship of Rodney M. Camire, PhD.

April Featured CHOP Postdoc

The April Featured CHOP Postdoc is Michael Gonzalez, PhD. Michael is originally from Los Angeles, California, and he received his PhD from Washington State University. Currently, Michael works under the mentorships of Hakon Hakonarson, MD, PhD, and David Sherry, MD.

May Featured CHOP Postdoc

The May Featured CHOP Postdoc is Nathan Roy, PhD. Nathan is originally from "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire, and he received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Vermont. Currently, Nathan works under the mentorships of Janis Burkhardt, PhD.

June Featured CHOP Postdoc

The June Featured CHOP Postdoc is Alexandra Psihogios, PhD. Alexandra, Alex for short, is originally from Damascus, Maryland, and she received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. Currently, Alex works under the mentorships of Lamia Barakat, PhD, and Lisa Schwartz, PhD.

July Featured CHOP Postdoc


The July Featured CHOP Postdoc is Drisana Henry, MD, MPH. Drisana is originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, and she received her MD from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Currently, Drisana works as an adolescent medicine fellow under the mentorships of Aletha Akers, MD, MPH, FACOG and Sarah Wood, MD.