Science Careers' The Informed Job Search provides immensely useful insight into how today's scientists can perfect the job hunt. If you're a late stage research trainee looking to break into the job market, this resource contains some very vaulable tips and tricks.

Science Career's Careers Away From the Bench provides a wealth of information for those considering opportunities away from bench research. If you've been considering a career in technology transfer, patent law, policy-making, consulting or other fields, this resources is a must-see.

Are you ready to jump right into a faculty position after leaving your postdoc? You may want to take some time to consider your next steps before blindly rushing in. Dr. Paula Oliver explains how to get on the right track.

Scientific writing is a critical skill for all research trainees. CHOP's own Mary Field (Office of Faculty Development) showed us that we can all improve by learning some tricks of the trade.